Key projects and activities

Inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan under way

We have developed our first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), which has a range of goals, from involvement in new activities and initiatives, to employment and inclusion strategies.

The RAP is Council’s vision to embrace our First Nations People for their experiences of the past, resilience in the present and aspirations for the future. It celebrates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s culture and history and promotes a more inclusive and engaged community.

New Strategy to transform travel

Glen Eira City Council’s Integrated Transport Strategy (ITS) aims for a 50:50 share of car and non-car trips by 2031. We want to create a City that’s easier to move around, regardless of how you travel.

The ITS works around four new premium transport corridors: efficient driving routes; express public transport routes; safe cycling streets; and great walking and shopping streets. These innovations will increase walking, cycling and public transport trips, and improve parking and traffic flows. Our hope is everyone will have a shorter travel time.

New safety plan to strengthen Glen Eira

The Glen Eira Community Safety Plan 2018–2022 is our way of addressing the safety issues that matter most to you. It was endorsed on 12 June 2018 and officially launched on 6 September 2018.

The Plan offers a four-year strategic framework with four themes: a strong, resilient and connected community; living safely; safe public places; and safe travel and transport. We developed these themes by consulting with the community and working with stakeholders, such as Victoria Police, the Department of Health and Human Services, TaskForce and Neighbourhood Watch.

Structure Plans to support our growing population

We have adopted Structure Plans outlining our shared, long-term vision for Bentleigh, Carnegie, Elsternwick and East Village. We want to best accommodate growth and improvements in these centres, while still preserving and protecting their neighbourhood character.

The State Government classifies Bentleigh, Carnegie and Elsternwick as major activity centres, which means they’ll continue to grow. Our Structure Plans find the most appropriate ways for this growth to happen. They consider things like development, future land use, transport, parking, buildings, protecting residential amenity, employment and open spaces.

Food waste recycling paying dividends

Glen Eira was one of the first councils in Melbourne’s south-east to introduce food waste recycling, inviting you to put food scraps in green bins from 1 May 2018. Within one year, more than to 65 per cent of households surveyed said they were using the service.

Before the program started, food waste made up around half of the 31,000 tonnes of garbage that went into Glen Eira’s household bins each year. We want to move as much food waste as possible into green bins. This will mean less waste in landfill, lower greenhouse gas emissions and more compost for farms, parks and gardens.

Giving a voice to the Glen Eira community

The Glen Eira Community Engagement Strategy 2018–2021 is our commitment to involving you in decisions that affect your daily lives. We’ll listen to all opinions and use your feedback to guide what we do.

The Strategy was endorsed on 22 May 2018. It upholds the guiding principles of our Community Engagement Policy and is informed by the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) Framework. Everyone at Glen Eira is responsible for working within the strategy, including Councillors, staff, contractors and consultants.